June, 14 North Caucasus District Military Court is to hold hearing on four Crimean Tatars over the alleged links with the organization "Hizb ut-Tahrir." The Court will also question an anonymous witness, a lawyer Emil Kurbedinov told the QHA.

- The witness has been registered but the name, surname, patronymic are completely hidden, no photos, the witness does not want to be seen, explained Kurbedinov.

Earlier, at a hearing by the North Caucasus District Military Court, five of the eight witnesses in the "Hizb ut-Tahrir" case retracted the testimony previously given to the investigator.

The evidence against the defendants, Ruslan Zeytullaev, Rustem Vaitov, Nuri Primov and Ferat Sayfullaev were given only by three people, among them - Alexander Kozhemyaka, ex-officer of the SBU, who joined the Russia’s FSB.

Photo: Internet