October 28, 2016. Lawyer and human rights activist Emil Kurbedinov shared alarming information on his Facebook page.

"There is information about the FSB raids on the Crimean mosques with planting books. And this happens at a time when Russian representatives at the OSCE in Austria are shouting about the wonderful life of Muslims in Crime," the lawyer expressed his indignation.

He also reported about the first arrest:

"Reportedly, they detained an imam in Simeiz. His name is Tasin Fevzi. The FSB investigator, conducting the cases of political prisoners, took part in the arrest. They something planted, like two books. Who has the detail information? His whereabouts are unknown," Emil Kurbedinov wrote.

Just a reminder: February 11, 2016, a wave of searches swept through the Crimean Tatars’ houses seeking to discredit them as "terrorists." The Russian security forces often acted aggressively – broke windows and forcibly took people away.

Photo: Internet