Statements of the "Speaker" of the Crimean Parliament Konstantinov about "fascists in Kyiv" look quite ridiculous in 2016, because Putin and the Kremlin top has recognized the legitimacy of the current Ukrainian authorities at least by participation in joint negotiations in Europe.

Sergei Stelmakh noted that it is hard to imagine the Governor of the Rostov region or Tatarstan claiming such things. Konstantinov’s activity and his statements, in the expert’s opinion, prove that the Crimea is still not a part or a subject of the Russian Federation, but only serves as a lever of pressure on Ukraine and the illegitimate Crimean "Speaker" remains provincial Ukrainian official.

Earlier, in one of the last resonant statements, Konstantinov expressed his willingness to go to Syria to personally meet with local officials who supported the annexation of the peninsula by Russia.

Photo: Internet