The annexation of the Crimea should not be compared with the seizure of the Baltic States in 1939, international expert Ihor Semyvolos said in a commentary to QHA.

According to him, the international situation on the eve of the Second World War is radically different from the current one. Then, Semyvolos notes, anti-Hitler coalition needed an ally.

“In the 40s the situation was different. When it came to the beginning of the Second World War, any ally was needed. Now the situation has changed radically, and there is no such a dilemma that democratic countries had to face," he said.

Commenting on the words of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the Russian Federation can return to the international community without returning the Crimea to Ukraine, Semyvolos noted that he views such statements as sounding the soil and examining the reaction of Moscow by the Americans.

“It is clear that it is not the US president who can decide upon all these issues alone. He needs the political support of the Congress. Trump wants to start the bidding, and for its beginning he needs certain conditions," he said.

The expert summarized that the future of the Crimea depends on Ukraine as a subject of international law.

Earlier, adviser to the Head of the White House, John Bolton, said that Moscow and Washington agreed to maintain differences over the Crimea. He noted that the parties could not reach agreement on this issue.

US Senator Robert Portman at a briefing in Kyiv said that the United States of America will continue to impose sanctions against Russia until the Crimea returns to Ukraine.