Crimean Tatar Nedim Khalilov was condemned by the occupation authorities in Crimea only for his demands for clarification over the facts of pressure faced by the Crimean Tatars in Crimea with the advent of the Russian authorities: from raids to eviction of the Mejlis from its building in Simferopol.

“The trial of Nedim Khalilov was held in Simferopol. The court decided to expel Khalilov from Russia. Now Khalilov is being convoyed to filtration center (or camp?): Krasnodar region, Lazarevsky District, the village of Vardane,” Zevid Gaziyev posted on his Facebook page.

Earlier, the coordinator of the "Crimean Tatars Resistance Movement" Nedim Khalilov filed a suit to the Central Court of Simferopol, asking to recognize the actions of the occupation authorities, as well as the President of Russia unlawful and illegal. He asked to give a special status to the Crimean Tatars and recognize them as indigenous people of Crimea. He also demanded conducting the court session on his lawsuit in the Crimean Tatar language. By the way, in his demands Nedim referred to the international law and the laws of the Russian Federation that guide the occupation authorities.

Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Valeria Lutkovska, called the situation of the Crimean Tatars in the territory of the annexed peninsula catastrophic. According to her, the human rights organizations do not function in Crimea. In this regard, she urged the OSCE to establish a monitoring mission to monitor the human rights situation on the peninsula.

Photo: Internet