Some of the ships arriving in the ports of the temporarily occupied Crimea, can carry a prohibited weapon, UNIAN quotes a Ukrainian MP Iryna Friz as saying.

According to the parliamentarian, it is possible that the "authorities" import chemical weapons from Syria to the territory of the occupied peninsula. Experts have made this conclusion after studying the schedule of foreign vessels arrival in the port of Crimea. Friz stresses that this situation is possible due to the fact that the Russian Federation creates military base on the territory of Crimea, which "being a strategic object, is aimed not only against Ukraine, but against all NATO members."

As an example, Iryna Friz mentioned the Nadalina ship, arrived in the port of Feodosia in late October.

"All civilians had to leave the port, and security was carried out by military units. According to the information we received, some 8-10 containers - composite boxes for transporting particularly dangerous goods - are likely to be unloaded. On the basis of the route and the fact that the ship was carrying only the 8-10 containers that were unloaded for a long time - 30 minutes each, which is not typical, we have concluded that the most likely we are talking about the unloading of ammunition 200 mm caliber, and, most likely, it is a chemical weapon. Analysis of the container type and size allowed us to assume that the boxes are similar to those used for Iraqi missiles "Barak-70" with chemical warheads," said Iryna Friz.

The Ukrainian MP noted that the findings were made on the basis of HUMINT analysis and MarineTraffic open data, analyzing the data of vessels on-line, and on the basis of social network.

Photo: Internet