The so-called Vice Speaker of the Crimean Parliament Yefim Fiks proposed American journalists who want to visit the annexed Crimea to sign commitments whereby, they are obliged to write and show the truth about the processes taking place on the peninsula upon their return to homeland.

“We are open, if the American media want to come to the Crimea. We'll take them to all places to see how happily the Crimeans live, but we'll take a signed commitment from them to write only the truth about the Crimea,” said the official, meaning by the "truth" only the information that the authorities of the occupied peninsula provide.

Fiks stressed that yet the US media have not applied for accreditation to the “Crimean Parliament”, but if such an initiative arose, "the State Council of Crimea” will act within the framework of all-Russian decisions.

"Happy life" of Crimea residents, according to the occupiers, apparently consists in the fact that thousands of residents of Sevastopol are freezing without heating, and in 2017 due to the construction of the "Tavrida" highway more than 1 thousand plots of agricultural land were seized from Crimeans.

Perhaps the residents of the annexed peninsula "began to live better" after the "deputy prime minister" of the annexed Crimea Larisa Opanasyuk suggested not to pick berries and mushrooms in the reserves of the occupied peninsula.

Crimean "authorities" do not care about the problems of Crimeans. The Kremlin-controlled officials steal millions of money from Moscow and cruelly persecute the indigenous people of the peninsula - the Crimean Tatars.

Source: News of Crimea