Deputies of Russian-controlled Simferopol City Council unanimously adopted a draft decision on the introduction of a bill at the Crimean parliament to expand the boundaries of the capital of Crimea.

According to the so-called bill, the Simferopol boundaries are to absorb the villages of Molodezhnoye, Trudovoye and Ukromnoye.

“Administrative and territorial borders of our city will be expanded by almost 2.6 thousand hectares by the transfer procedure of a portion of Simferopol district to the city of Simferopol,” the "head" of the City Administration Gennady Baharev said at a session.

According to him, this decision will ensure "the sustainable development of the city and will make good the deficit in areas for residential, public, business and industrial construction."

In November 2015, the Simferopol City Administration took the initiative to expand the boundaries of the city by almost 5,000 hectares due to unused agricultural land within the boundaries of the villages of Mirnoye, Molodezhnoye, Trudovoye and Ukromnoye.

Alexander Kuznetsov, "Chief Architect" of Crimea, stated that the expansion of the territory of Simferopol, in the first stage, will be carried out by absorption of no more than 4,000 hectares of undeveloped land.

Photo: Internet