The first hearing in the case took place at Simferopol’s Kievsky District Court on November 16.

According to Lilya Budzhurova, the FSS officers violated her rights during the search, including her constitutionally guaranteed right for a lawyer, an allegation the FSS officers deny.

“I’m not surprised by what the FSS officers are saying as it is all the case of ‘don’t believe what you see’. Not only my relatives but also other eyewitnesses saw the lawyer standing outside my apartment. More so, the search was being captured on camera. However, the FSS and judges keep emphasizing the fact that the officer in charge of the search did not forbid the lawyer from entering the apartment personally. Something is wrong with the logic here: he simply could not forbid him personally because the lawyer was prevented from entering the apartment where the officer was doing his job,” said the journalist.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled to take place on November 18.

It was reported earlier that the search conducted at Lilya Budzhurova’s apartment on November 2 was part of an ongoing investigation launched against Lenur Islyamov, ATR TV Channel’s owner, who is charged with extremism in Russia.