(QHA) -

Crimean Religious Administration of Muslims—The Muftiyat—has won the lawsuit against the Muftiyat of Taurida, which seized Evpatoria Cuma Cami mosque in summer 2014.

Muftiyat of Taurida, the self-styled central spiritual board of Crimean Muslims was revived in August 2014, following Crimea’s unification with Russia.

The revival of the body was controversial, with the deputy mufti of Crimea, Ayder Ismailov, saying the move was an attempt to split the Muslims of Crimea. Other critics of the move claimed that it was an attempt to weaken the Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People. 

The Muftiyat of Taurida has seized Evpatoria mosque, which used to be subordinated to Crimea’s traditional Religious Administration of Muslims (Muftiyat), and announced it would be included in newly established Muftiyat of Taurida.