A pro-Ukrainian activist Oleg Prikhodko detained by the security forces in the Crimean city of Saki is being held at the district police station, according to the Crimean Human Rights Group.

The reason for the detention - the Ukrainian number plate on his car, which was not changed to the Russian one after April 1, "according to Russian law." Oleg Prikhodko’s relatives say he was stopped by the traffic police officers, and then taken to the police department.

“At the moment the reason for detention is unknown, the protocol has not yet been drafted. If Oleg Prikhodko is arrested for driving a car with a Ukrainian license plate, it implies - according to the norms of the Russian Federation administrative law- only a warning or the imposing an administrative fine in the amount of RUB 500, but not detention,” reads a message of the human rights defenders.

They also said that Oleg Prikhodko was detained by the FSB officers, who were called by the traffic police inspectors stopping his car. He was imposed a preventive measure - detention for three days.

Activist Oleg Prikhodko is known in the town of Saki by his pro-Ukrainian position. He was summoned for questioning by the security services and his house was searched more than once, but the activist was detained for the first time. 

Crimean "authorities" ordered the inhabitants of the peninsula to change the Ukrainian license plates on Russian ones until April 1, 2016. Re-registration of vehicles in Crimea began in July 2014.

Cars with Ukrainian registration plates may be in Crimea for no more than 90 days. Otherwise, their owners are imposed a fine of UAH 500 to 850 (RUB 1500-2500) or their cars are impounded.

Photo: Internet