Simferopol (QHA) -

Head of Crimean Council of Ministers Anatoly Mogilev expressed his negative attitude towards Euro Maidan protests, which are being held in Kyiv and many other Ukrainian cities. He called EuroMaidan a ‘Euro Vandal’ during a press conference in Simferopol on December 10.

“This is not a Euro Maidan, this is a Euro Vandal, from my point of view. Some politicians are doing this on purpose. I am particularly amazed with cynicism of some politicians, who talk about peaceful protests. Are riots and capture of buildings peaceful actions? What about toppling monuments? What about barricades on the streets? Is this peaceful? These are not peaceful actions. This is a full war. That is why my attitude towards Euro Maidan is negative. It is an action that should not take place in a civilized state,” said Mogilev.

As reported, for the past 20 days, Ukrainians are holding protests in Kyiv demanding the President Viktor Yanukovych to sign Association Agreement with the EU.

In addition, in response to the violent dispersal of the peaceful protests by security forces on the night of November 30, the protests took a more far-reaching character, they are being held all over Ukraine.