The self-proclaimed Crimean "authorities" did not take into account the factor of cooling in the occupied Crimea while calculating fuel for the inhabitants of the peninsula in the winter. And now gas reserves are not enough to the end of the winter season, the so-called "Fuel and Power Minister of the Crimea" Svetlana Borodulina reported to the local media.

She states that the recent gas consumption grew by 30%, so from January 29 to 31 when it was 10 degrees below zero, the boilers were stopped in Gaspra and Koreiz due to sharp decline in gas pressure.

“The forecasts "Chernomorneftegaz" made in the beginning of December on consumption do not correspond to what they stated in the beginning of the year. Moreover, changes in the gas consumption ranges from 14% to 30%. The amount that we had purchased, will not be enough till the end of the autumn-winter season,” said the "official".

Previously, at the forum in Yalta, President of the occupant country Russia had promised to build the main pipe for the gas supply in the annexed the peninsula until the end of 2016, to provide the Crimea residents with "another life."

Photo: Internet