Russian-controlled Crimean Electoral Commission summed up the results of the elections to the State Duma in three districts of the peninsula, according to the Chairman of the Election Commission Mykhail Malyshev, as cited by Kryminform

Reportedly, at the Simferopol 19th single-seat district the turnout on the federal list was 45.07%. Of these, 154,217, or 68.58% voted for the "United Russia", LDPR got 29 674 or 13.2% of votes, and the Communist Party won 13 735 votes, or 6.11%.

According to the majority system, the turnout was 43.97%, of which 137 938 people, or 63.23% voted for Andrew Kozenko (United Russia), 24 666 voters, or 11.31% for Oleg Klimchuk (LDPR), and 15 457 voters, or 7.08% for Elena Hrycak ("Fair Russia").

“Citizens on the federal list voted with absentee ballots,” said Malyshev, explaining the difference in turnout.

At the 20th District in Kerch, the turnout on the federal list was 48.88%. The United Russia was given 178,910 votes, or 74.29%, the Liberal Democratic Party got 24,990 votes, or 10.38% and the Communist Party won 12,616 or 5.24% of votes.

According to the majority system, the turnout was 48.42%, of which 70.46% or 167 896 people voted for Constantine Bakharev (United Russia ), Igor Kiyko (LDPR) won 17 100 votes, or 7.18% and Stepan Kiskin got 12,285 or 5.16% of votes.

At the 21st district in Yevpatoriya the turnout on the federal list was 53.46%. Of these, 201,235 people, or 75.01% voted for the United Russia, LDPR got 27 093 votes, or 10.10%, and the Communist Party won 14 781 votes or 5.51%. The turnout by the majority system was 52.68%, of which Svetlana Savchenko (United Russia) was given 72.1% or 189,624 votes, Pavel Shperov won 19,453 votes, or 7.4%, and Oleg Solomakhin (CPRF) was given 15,341 votes, or 5.83%.

The head of the Crimean "Election committee" went on saying that the final results of the turnout and the election from party lists will be announced after the meeting of the district election commissions.

“The results will be known later,” he concluded.

Considering Crimea the Russian territory, the RF had illegally opened polling stations in the occupied part of Ukraine, contrary to international law.
Most countries have refused to send observers to the elections in Crimea. OSCE and the Venice Commission did not monitor the results of the voting in the occupied peninsula as well.

Russia promises to publish the data on the turnout in the voting polls in Crimea following the announcement of the election results

Crimean Tatars ignored the elections to the State Duma in the annexed Crimea.

Photo: Internet