Crimean "Prosecutor" Dombrovski was rejected filing criminal proceedings against the Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov in the absence of offence itself in the lawyer’s actions. Today Nikolai Polozov received the corresponding decree by investigative committee and posted it on Facebook.

The decision implies that the pre-investigation checks against Polozov were under three articles of the RF Criminal Code - Part 2 of Art. 294, Part. 1 of Art. 297, Art. 319, instead of two as the lawyer thought:

- Interference in any form in the activity of the prosecutor, investigator or person conducting the inquiry, with a view to obstructing the thorough, complete and objective investigation of the case.

- Contempt of Court, expressed in insulting the participants in the proceedings.

- Public insulting a government official in the performance of his duties or in connection with their execution.

“Very Crimean Prosecutors dislike me ... In general, yet I managed to fight the prosecutor's office and the Investigative committee off, the FSB is in line. I will continue to fight until I win,” he wrote.

December 15, lawyer Nikolai Polozov received the decision of the Kiev District Court, which held the meeting December 13 with no lawyers and audience. The court decided to interrogate the lawyer as a witness in the case of the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people Ilmi Umerov. Immediately after the decision, which had not yet entered into force, the FSB tried to summon Nikolai Polozov for questioning.