Natalia Radostina, an owner of a hairdressing saloon in Simferopol, banned her employees, Crimean Tatars, from speaking in their native language and praying, ART TV Channel reports.

The owner of the hairdressing saloon, located at the Kuibyshev market of Simferopol, probably doesn’t know the Constitution of Crimea, as she laid down a condition to her employee Rustem Seitov to speak either in ‘plain language’, or she would fire all the Crimean Tatars working at the hairdressing salon.

“Of the 18 peopled employed at the saloon 3 speak their native language. Please, talk to each other over there. But here, I want you to talk in an understandable language. What do you mean a person walks in and they start speaking their language? That means they have something to hide, something they don’t like! So this is something I need to know about,” the director said.

Rustem Seitov has been working at the saloon for 6 years, and has had no conflicts with the owner in all this time.

“Since yesterday I have been anxious about this situation. It turns out, I have been discriminated against because of my nationality and native language,” he said.

Moreover, the director issued an order stating that the Crimean Tatars are forbidden to pray at their workplaces.

“It is not a mosque. When I need to pray, I go to a church,” she stated.

Rustem Seitov has filed a complaint with the Contact Group on Protection of Human Rights about being discriminated against, but the owner of the saloon is continuing to stick to her guns.