(QHA) -

Residents of Crimea will be able to use Soviet passports to vote in Parliament elections on the peninsula, scheduled for September 14, Mikhail Malyshev, the head of the Crimean election committee, told a roundtable meeting on Monday.

"The holders of all the three passports - a Russian, a Ukrainian and the Soviet one, if anyone has preserved it, will be eligible to vote. Crimea registration will be the main criteria,” Malyshev said.

He added that people who would not find themselves in the list of voters would have to write an application if they wanted to use their right to vote.

“No one will have to go to court,” the election committee head said.

Parliament elections in Crimea are scheduled for September 14. About 160 candidates will run for 25 seats in parliament in majoritarian constituencies. Elections to local representative power bodies will take place in Crimea the same day on September 14.