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At a meeting with regional mass media on Friday, June 9, Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman said that Ukrainian citizens residing in Crimea can count on Ukrainian pensions only in case they pay contributions to the pension fund of Ukraine.

“Those who live in the Crimea and want to receive Ukrainian pension, must pay contributions to the Pension Fund of Ukraine. For those who pay, pension is not an issue,” the Prime Minister said.

Furthermore, Groysman noted that he does not consider work experience of 25 or even 35 years too long.

“I heard people saying that 25 years of work experience is very bad. But dear friends, 25 years of work experience - this is a working pension, you have to earn it! And millions of Ukrainians, I affirm, the absolute majority earned their pensions for their entire lives, but, unfortunately, none of the political elites did not have enough political will to make a fair system when it was being developed," Groysman stated.

According to the Prime Minister, a retired Ukrainian lives an average of 18 years. And if a people do not have pensionable experience, they would receive social assistance from the state.

Groysman assured that the retirement age in Ukraine will stay at the level of 60 years.