The Russian independent publication Novaya Gazeta was given a wreath and a basket with a ram’s head, thus threatening journalist Denis Korotkov, the author of publications about Russian mercenaries in Syria.

Novaya Gazeta claims that an information campaign is being conducted on the Internet against Korotkov; He is accused of publicizing the personal data of Russian military personnel, in particular, the pilots in Syria, claiming that it endangered their families.

In a statement, Novaya Gazeta notes that the publication has never published the data of pilots fighting in Syria, which would put their families at risk.

“We did not have any publications on this topic, either in the newspaper or on the website. But this lie, repeatedly reinforced by the trolls and comments of some "opinion leaders" who were either bought or used in shadows, really poses a danger to journalists.”

The editors have already contacted the police in connection with the incoming threat and state that they know where the threat comes from.

“We have only two weapons: publicity - therefore we continue our work; and - the law. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and other law enforcement agencies are obliged to do everything so that the law protects us. We demand to investigate the facts of threats and punish those responsible.”

According to Meduza publication, Korotkov published materials about Russian mercenaries in the Petersburg edition of Fontanka internet-newspaper. While he was working there, threats against him were also spread on the Internet. In the summer of 2018, Korotkov quit from Fontanka and later was employed in Novaya Gazeta.
Earlier, in September of this year, the Security Service of Ukraine called the names of Russian mercenaries of the Wagner PMCs who died or were injured in Syria, including foreign citizens.
Source: Novaya Gazeta, Meduza