Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš took his son to the occupied Crimea after the investigation began into the case of the Stork's Nest fraud in his homeland.

A 35-year-old Andrej Babiš Jr. told about the fact to the Czech edition of Seznam Zpravy, as cited by Ukrainian Truth publication.

The scandal over the appropriation of funds by the agricultural concern The Stork's Nest, which was run by the head of the Czech government, broke out in the Czech Republic in 2017.

Babiš is accused of having illegally seized 50 million euros allocated by the European Union to support small businesses.

He denied all charges, arguing that the firm did not belong to him, but to his children.

According to Andrej Babiš, Jr., after the sensational scandal, his father decided to hide him in the Crimea, and the Protopopovs married couple working for the Czech Prime Minister helped him in this.

The spouse of the Adviser to the Ministry of Health Dita Protopopova, the Russian Petr Protopopov, took Babiš, Jr to the Crimea.

Details of the incident are still unknown.

In February 2018, a delegation of Czech politicians visited the annexed Crimea. Members of the delegation headed by Senator Jaroslav Doubrava were photographed with the Russian military and with the flag of Russia.

The Czech Foreign Ministry said that the official Prague continues to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and considers the occupation of the Crimea a violation of international law.

Source: European Truth