The exercises are in full swing, half the scheduled tasks have been performed, according to "112" TV channel with reference to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Furthermore, the South Air Command Center states that no changes have been made to the plan of the exercises.

“The plan, which was pre-compiled, and allegedly included a part of the airspace over the Crimea was quite a different, because the nearest point where a Ukrainian missile could reach was not less than 100-130 km from the air space of the Crimea.

As far as I know, no changes have been made to the schedule of the exercises. Everything is going as planned; the exercises are in full swing, 50% of the tasks have been carried out. There are no problems, and there is no reason to claim against Ukraine,” Head of the Ukrainian South Air Command's press center Volodymyr Kryzhanivsky said. 

President of Ukraine has reported on the first successful missile launches as well.

Photo: Internet