September 27, the Kiev Police training center hosted the event dedicated to the start of training for investigators and district police officers in the Kiev region. At the event, the Head of the Ukrainian National Police emphasized the need to improve the legal framework of the country, according to a QHA correspondent.

“The police will propose changes to the Ukrainian legislation on human rights when stopped by the police. As of today in Ukraine, most people who are stopped by the police, come out of their cars to start a dispute that may pose a risk to law enforcement officers, as happened in Dnipro,” Khatia Dekanoidze said.

The Head of the Ukrainian National Police stressed that they would seek legal field changes. In her opinion, the offender should not be allowed to leave the car, when stopped by the patrol. If the offender leaves the car, it should be considered as disobedience to the police.

“Verbal abuse of police should be punishable as well, since the lack of accountability for such actions allows offenders to abuse and provoke the police. If such actions are punishable by law, the amount of verbal abuse would be possible to minimize,” Dekanoidze says.

She announced the beginning of a serious struggle against raiding enterprises. The Head of the Ukrainian National Police proposed to increase the period of detention for titushky. Dekanoidze said that these offenders are detained only for three hours. According to her, such violations should be punished harder and the court should give fair legal assessment of their actions.