Deputies from Germany, who are currently on a visit to the occupied Crimea, declared themselves "its friends" and promised to seek the lifting of sanctions from the occupier-state.

The deputy of the parliament of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia Roger Beckamp said that the German delegation will contribute to the process of lifting the Western sanctions.

“Here are nine friends of the Crimea. I say this because during these few days we were able to see the region. We will make efforts to lift the sanctions," Beckamp stated at a meeting with Crimean collaborators.

The German politician said that he envies the fact that the Crimeans "have determined their future themselves."

“In addition to your hearty reception, it is something you decided on your own, which country you want to belong to, you have determined the future yourselves. The referendum is what you did, this is something that we do not have in Germany, and we honestly envy you," he stressed and thanked the Russian invaders for taking care of German graves.

Previuosly, on Saturday, February 3, a delegation consisting of three deputies from the right-populist party Alternative for Germany arrived in the occupied Ukrainian Crimea.

The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andrij Melnyk, said that the visit of the German deputies to the occupied Crimea will entail "very deplorable legal consequences." MPs themselves assert that they "are not bothered by Kyiv's threats to ban them from entering Ukraine, they expect to visit the Crimea more than once".

Source: RIA Novosti Ukraine