New sanctions against Russia, signed by US President Donald Trump, will yield tangible results within six months, when US financial intelligence collects the necessary materials.

Diplomat Vladimir Ogryzko, the former Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, made a corresponding forecast in the article for UNIAN.

According to Ogryzko, only intelligence will make proposals on "freezing" the property of the Russian elite in Western countries, including Putin personally. Then the situation will change dramatically, and Russia's policy will see a certain turn of events.

“Or, if this does not happen, Russia will objectively accelerate the process of its decline. I do not see any other options in this situation," Ogryzko stated.

He further noted that with the signing of this law, the last hopes of Russians on Trump have failed, and now they understand that they have no chance of changing the position of the American President in a way positive for them.

"Therefore now, the Russian leadership will make statements similar to the one already announced by Putin's press secretary Peskov, saying “we expected this, nothing new happened”. But now Russia really has to make a decision. Because the restrictions that are prescribed in the new law on sanctions actually deprive the Russian Federation of even a chance to return to "business as usual". And it will significantly affect the key sectors of the Russian economy, namely, the oil and gas industry," the diplomat said, adding that the economic effect of the sanctions is indeed growing.

Earlier QHA reported that US President Donald Trump signed a bill that significantly expands sanctions against Russia. Many experts say that, based on the adopted document, Washington seriously took up Putin, imposing more stringent restrictions on the Russian economy, depriving it of credits and technologies.