Russia is actively changing the national composition of the population of the occupied Crimea, the People's Deputy from the "People's Front"faction Dmitry Tymchuk wrote on his Facebook page.

“Look at the infographics and ponder. According to official (!) Data of Russian statistics (i.e., it is not "inventions of Banderas", but the work approved by the censorship of Putin’s officials), in 4.5 years of annexation 247.5 thousand people moved to the occupied Crimea," he wrote.

Tymchuk noted that this is almost 11% of the total population in the Crimea.

“Taking into account the "missing" number of visitors, as well as the natural demographic changes (birth rate / death rate) during the occupation, the population has already changed by 20-25%,” the People's Deputy writes.

According to him, the Kremlin has already brought a lot of loyal staff to the peninsula and will soon pass to the second phase of "land development."

“They will begin to systematically displace superfluous people, including the violent vatniks and active accomplices of annexation,” Tymchuk predicts.

Earlier, Dmitry Tymchuk informed that all officials of Investigative Committee of Crimea are Russian migrants. He stated that staff of the law enforcement department has not a single native Crimean or an ex-employee of Ukrainian law-enforcement bodies who betrayed the oath.