European Court of Human Rights satisfied the claims of 23 Russian citizens who had sent a complaint against the refusal of the Russian authorities to coordinate public events with subsequent persecution of participants of these actions, the BBC Russian Service informed.

Thus, reportedly, the court in Strasbourg recognized the actions of the Russian authorities as those restricting the rights to freedom of assembly. According to the ECHR decision, Moscow is obliged to pay to the plaintiffs 183,500 Euros in the whole.

The appeal to court noted that from 2009 to 2012 the Russian authorities prevented the carrying out of 28 rallies and their organizers and participants were subjected to harassment, detention and prosecution.

The complaint ECHR has granted, provides more than 80 allegations concerning violations of the right to freedom of assembly in Russia.

Earlier, January 14, dozens of people were detained during a rally in support of political prisoners near the monument to Aleksandr Griboyedov ("Chistye Prudy" metro station) in Moscow. According to eyewitnesses, the police used physical force when detaining the protesters. Security officials say that the detentions were carried out on the orders of Aleksandr Makhonin, the Deputy Chief of the department to ensure the holding of mass events of Directorate of Internal Affairs in Central Administrative District.

Photo: Internet