Crimean scientists faced the problem of obtaining visas for trips to scientific conferences in Western countries, Serhiy Urchenko, “Vice-Rector” of the so-called Crimean Federal University [Tavria National University before the occupation, - Ed.] on international activities and information policy informed the journalists in Simferopol.

“Sanctions restrict us. In this respect, we had several cases when we applied for visas so that our lecturers could go somewhere, especially in the countries of Western Europe and North America, but we have been told that for obtaining a visa it is better to apply to Kyiv," he stated.

According to him, Crimean scientists, as citizens of the Russian Federation, allegedly rejected such proposals.

The representative of the occupation “authorities” had not confused and stressed that as for today the important international vector of Russia is the Arab and Asian countries, which the university will take into account.

Reference: Austria refused to grant visas to the associates of the Crimean media, who were going to participate in the OSCE meeting on freedom of the media.