On November 30, at a meeting of the European Commission in Brussels a new EU budget will be presented under which more funds will be allocated for defense technology. This is due to the deepening coordination between EU countries to counter terrorist threats.

The project, which will be presented by the European Commission Vice President Jyrki Katainen, draws attention to the standardization of military equipment and cybersecurity of the EU countries, as well as strengthening intelligence gathering.

Previously, the newly elected President of the United States Donald Trump noted that the defense budget of the European Union is in two times less than the same expense item in the United States, which is the cause of many problems in Europe in this field.

It was reported earlier that CEO of British intelligence MI-5 said that one of the main sources of risk for the EU is Russia, which is putting pressure on the countries of Europe, trying to divide it from inside. In particular, he said that Russia is actively using more aggressive techniques, including propaganda, espionage, sabotage and cyber attacks.

Photo: Internet