To this date, the government is working on a draft agreement between Ukraine and the EU to sign the Association Agreement in 2014. This was said by the First Deputy of Ukrainian Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov, reports UNN. He said that the government is doing everything possible that the deal is signed in 2014 and the Ministry of Economic Development is agreeing the trading positions with the EU. But the Deputy Prime Minister said that the government still cannot say exactly when the Agreement is signed. "We still just cannot say the date of signing the agreement between Ukraine and the EU in 2014, it's a process. This can happen in a month, in two months, maybe in six months." As reported, the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine was not signed at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius on November 28-29, 2013. According to Ukrainian officials, Ukraine took a break in preparation for the Agreement by the need to find compensators for Ukrainian economy. The decision of Ukrainian authorities triggered a wave of protests called EuroMaidan.