President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated that the position of the European diplomats regarding the annexation of Crimea remains unchanged and sanctions against the occupant country representatives and the self-proclaimed authorities will remain in force, according to his Facebook page

“Grateful to Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schulz for a comprehensive discussion held at the EU-Ukraine summit.
Grateful to the EU leaders for their firm position expressed at this summit not to acknowledge Russian annexation of Crimea. We agreed that sanctions must stay until Russia implements its obligations under the Minsk agreement without any reservations and Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty are fully restored. This includes Crimea.”

In his post on Twitter, Petro Poroshenko wrote that the clear position of the European diplomats on Crimea lays the foundation for the de-occupation of the peninsula.

“Grateful to this summit for unwavering position of EU leaders not to acknowledge Russian annexation of Crimea. In this way we are laying the foundations of the peninsula de-occupation.”

November 24, during the EU-Ukraine summit, the Ukrainian reforms and the agreement on Ukraine's Association and the EU were discussed. Moreover, a Memorandum of Understanding on strategic partnership in the energy sector was signed.

Photo: Internet