Russian-occupied Crimea is one of the most important instruments of Russia in the Syrian war, expert of “Maidan of Foreign Affairs” foundation Tatyana Guchakova stated at a press conference “Occupation of Crimea: results, status, forecasts” in Kyiv.

“The Russian troops contingent in the Crimea goes to tours of duty to the war in Syria. The so-called Syrian express delivers weapons through Crimea,” she said.

In addition, training camps for military formations operating in Donbas work in Crimea and the enterprises of the Crimea military-industrial complex are fully integrated into the military industrial complex of Russia, according to the expert.

Regarding sanctions regime against Russia for the annexation of the Crimea, Guchakova noted that EU and US should impose sanctions against all Russian military factories and enterprises.

“Ukrainian politics should be the same. Sanctions for Crimea and for Donbas need to be united”, Guchakova said.

Earlier QHA reported, that in February the Russian frigate Admiral Grigorovich left the Sevastopol port in Crimea and went to the Mediterranean Sea towards Syrian coast. According to Reuters’ sources, the ship joined the fleet deployed near the Syrian coast.