It was reported earlier about the protest action outside one of the branches of Sberbank of Russia on Volodymyrska St. in Kyiv. 
Around 100 participants demanded to close the bank and stop sponsor the Russian economy.

“The National Bank monitors activity of all banks in Ukraine. I think this is rather a political issue. We decided not to aggravate relations with Russia. Although there is a strategic issue. These banks are an important segment in Ukrainian economy. And, of course, they must be closely monitored by the National Bank. As for their work, in general: there are three banks with state capital – Prominvestbank, Sberbank and Vneshtorgbank. Ukraine cannot raise the question of their expropriation or re-privatization, but the issue of their functioning should be more stringent and unambiguous.

This is a question to the National Bank of Ukraine. Why it does not change the license conditions with respect to these banks? The National Bank hasn’t even raised such a question. I think that the tires should be burnt outside the National Bank, and not outside Sberbank of Russia,” said Eric Naiman in his comments with a QHA correspondent.