Mark Feygin, who was deprived of his status as a lawyer the day before, told Radio Hayat that although he cannot defend the interests of the illegally detained Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko, he will build a defence strategy through the second lawyer who was leading the case along with him.

According to Feygin, a "backup lawyer" has been leading Sushchenko’s case along with him from the first day. Although, Feygin refused to disclose the name.

“I did not disclose the lawyer’s name, to prevent the situation of depriving the lawyer status for both of us. And now I do not want to mention the name, but I will implement tactics, defence strategy, and speak publicly on his behalf. So Roman's legal assistance is fully secured,” he said.

Commenting on the situation in the Crimea, he noted that the Crimean Tatars should be ready for the hardest period in their history.

According to him, the next election of Vladimir Putin as president of the Russian Federation for a six-year term will lead to a deterioration in the situation of the Crimean Tatar people.

“The situation will deteriorate. Crimea will be turned into a reservation. The courts there have fully become a repressive body, we must prepare for the hardest period of the history of the Crimean Tatars," he said.

Speaking about the deprivation of his lawyer activity, Feygin noted that he intends to appeal this decision, although he does not believe that the court under the control of the Russian authorities will take an objective decision.

QHA reported that April 24, the Moscow Chamber of Advocates deprived Mark Feygin of the lawyer status. The lawyer believes that the person who is trying in this way to remove him from his professional activities is an agent of the Kremlin. The complaint against the lawyer was filed by the well-known Russian blogger Anatoly Shariy.