The meeting will be held in the "Normandy format." The parties to talks have already confirmed their participation,” the press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reports.

According to the report, the main emphasis of the meeting will be put on the security and humanitarian issues, in particular the release of hostages and political prisoners.

Russian Foreign Ministry states that besides the humanitarian and economic issues the promoting political reform package will be discussed as well.

“We regard the upcoming meeting as a continuation of the joint practical work to achieve a peaceful solution and to add further momentum to it,” says a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It should be noted that the other participants of the "Normandy format" have modest expectations from the forthcoming meeting. In particular, German Foreign Ministry Spokesman Martin Schaefer states that neither intensive preliminary talks and discussions of recent months, nor the public statements made by the parties, do not give much hope for a sensational breakthrough in the relations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

It was reported earlier that the issue about the Ukrainian hostages in Moscow, including the arrested correspondent of "Ukrinform" Roman Sushchenko and Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, was raised at a meeting of the "Normandy format" in Berlin.

Photo: Internet