RIA Novosti news agency (Crimea) reported the details of the security forces actions, citing a source in law enforcement agencies. Earlier, Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov informed the general public on the possibility of such developments.

“Judging by the fact that the searches are being conducted in homes of observant Muslims - the Crimean Tatars, some of whom have recently returned from the Hajj (pilgrimage) – the case will be initiated on charges of involvement in Hizb ut-Tahrir!” Kurbedinov said a few hours ago.

It was reported earlier that, a new wave of raids was launched in Crimea this morning. In particular, the FSB officers raided the homes of Crimean Tatars living in the settlements of Stroganovka and Kamenka of Simferopol district:  Emil Dzhemadenov, Eider Saledinov, Uzeyir Abdullayev, Timur Abdullaev and Rustem Ismailov.  Zair Smedlyaev also said that Eider Saledinov was taken to the FSB Directorate following the search of his home. 

“After the search of Rustem Ismailov’s home, they went to the house of his father Yakub, located at 23, Shchorsa Str. in town of Belogorsk,” Smedlyaev posted on Facebook.

The FSB has raided the homes of four Crimean Tatars - Rustem Ismailov, 32, (Kamenka), Uzeyir Abdullayev, 42, (Strogonovka), Timur Abdullaev, 41,  (Strogonovka) and Emil Dzhemadenov.

Furthermore, Edem Semedlyaev, who arrived to Emil Dzhemadenov’s house, said that lawyers are not allowed to him.

It was reported earlier that on February 11, searches were conducted in the homes of the Crimean Tatars in order to discredit them as "terrorists". Often the security forces acted aggressively: knocked the glass and forcibly took people away.