According to Austrian newspaper Kurier, Sebastian Kurz, Austria's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Austrian People's Party leader, stated that he is not sharing the ideas of the Freedom Party of Austria which attended “Crimea Friends Forum” in Yalta.

Earlier, Hans-Jörg Jenewein member of the Federal Council for the Freedom Party of Austria and Lettlef Wimmer, vice-mayor of Linz participated in the so-called conference "Russia, Crimea and modern international relations. Crimea Friends Forum” held in Livadia Palace in Yalta.

In a conversation with journalists after the party meeting on Wednesday, Kurtz said that he adheres to a "completely different opinion" than the Freedom Party of Austria deputies. He considers the annexation of Crimea as a violation of international laws, and Austria's position on this issue is in line with the EU's position, he added.

Earlier, Herbert Kickl, Secretary General for the Freedom Party of Austria stated that deputies’ visit to Crimea was not an official one. 

The right-wing party for the Freedom of Austria stands for lifting sanctions against RF imposed by the EU after the occupation of the Crimea. Currently, the representatives of the party that took the third position in the early parliamentary elections are participating in the negotiations on government coalition formation.

Earlier, Austria refused to grant visas for the Crimean media officials who promoted the idea of legitimacy of the Russian annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula.