Russian oppositionist, world chess champion Garry Kasparov believes that as soon as Russia has become free from the Putin regime, the occupied Crimea will be immediately returned to Ukraine, without any preconditions.

“In a future post-Putin Russia the return of Crimea to Ukraine, without any preconditions, will be a key indicator of the fact that Russia has finally got rid of the ghosts of the past that still hold our country hostage,” the oppositionist writes in his blog on Obozrevatel.

Kasparov believes that the return of the annexed Crimea to Ukraine will be the starting point for the new Russia.

In addition, Kasparov does not approve of tourist trips in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

“I think any private trip to the occupied Crimea is an act that unworthy of a decent man, but everyone is free to dispose of his or her reputation.

It was reported earlier that President Petro Poroshenko - at a joint statement with the Polish leader Andrzej Duda on August 24 - said that he expects the proposals by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on transfer of initiatives for the creation of a multilateral international mechanism for de-occupation of Crimea into practical level.

On May 12, the European Parliament adopted a resolution, which supported the initiative on implementing an international mechanism for negotiations in the "Geneva Plus" format, urging Russia to begin talks on the return of Crimea to Ukraine.

Photo: Internet