The Head of the "German national-cultural autonomy of the peninsula" Yuri Hempel informed the Russian edition on arrival of the German delegation to Crimea.

“The delegation consists of 20 people. They include politicians, acting MPs, public figures and businessmen. As for the businessmen, I can say that the two of them are Germans, but live in Norway. One engaged in business related to the construction of bridges, the other deals with the construction of roads. Another entrepreneur from Germany engaged in the supply of agricultural equipment,” he said.

Notably, in 2014 Hempel took an active part in organizing the illegal referendum on annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation.

During the illegal visit, the German delegation plans to hold a meeting with the self-proclaimed Head of the Crimean parliament Vladimir Konstantinov.

October 13, at a meeting of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Shtaymayer insisted that the access to the occupied Crimea should be allowed to diplomats from the Council of Europe to observe the situation with human rights.
Photo: Internet