Lawyer Nikolai Polozov reported the details of the trial on Twitter.

“The Astrakhan Regional Court refused to annul the decision of the first-instance court to refuse Hayser Jemilev in parole,” he posted.

As QHA reported earlier, the Russian lawyer issued a formal document, which indicated that Hayser Jemilev was recognized a citizen of Ukraine, as "Russian citizens are considered to be persons residing in the territory of the Republic of Crimea" on the date of annexation of the peninsula. However, Hayser did not live on the territory of the peninsula at the time of annexation.

Just a reminder: The jury found it proven that Hayser Jemilev accidentally shot with a gun the family’s friend Fevzi Edemov in the yard of his house in the Crimean city of Bakhchysarai on May 2013. The prosecution insisted it was a premeditated murder. The Krasnodar regional court sentenced Hayser Jemilev to five years' imprisonment for causing death by negligence.

Subsequently, the Russia’s Supreme Court reduced the sentence to three and a half years, substantiating a decision saying Hayser Jemilev’s statute of limitations under the Section "causing death by negligence" has expired. 

Photo: Internet