Now there is no reason to consider that the relations between the West and Russia will improve, the Head of the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany Bruno Kahl stated during a speech at the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Munich.

He further noted that "Russia's power ambitions will grow" and stated that "there is no need to cherish hopes for Crimea."

Kahl believes that Russia seeks to regain the role of leader on the European continent and weaken the European Union.

“Instead of a partner in the field of European security, in Russia we see rather a potential threat.”

He called for establishing "close ties" with the Russian Federation and keeping channels of communication open.

Earlier QHA reported that the occupying power in the Crimea intensified the persecution of the Crimean Tatars aimed at "suppressing dissent" on the peninsula. Since the occupation, Moscow has subjected the indigenous population, as well as journalists, bloggers and activists, to harassment, intimidation, threats, intrusive and illegal house searches, physical assaults and abductions.

Source: DW