Minister of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation, the Head of OSCE Angelino Alfano is visiting Ukraine on 30 – 31st of January with the official visit. Within the framework of his visit, Alfano intends to discuss situation in the Eastern part of Ukraine, according to the information on the website of Government portal.

“On 30-31th of January the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy, OSCE Chairman-in-Office Angelino Alfano will stay in Ukraine with an official visit,” the message says.  

OSCE Chairman-in-Office intends to discuss the ways to stop the conflict in Donbas. 

“We suppose that it is essential to intensify negotiations in order to end up the conflict,” Alfano stated in the OSCE meeting. 

Earlier, OSCE and its employees recorded a convoy of trucks, which consists of 10 vehicles with a sign “Humanitarian Assistance from Russia Federation” in the territory of Donbas uncontrolled by Ukraine. In Media said that patrol was not allowed to approach the convoy. One of the members of “LPR” said to the observer that to access this object they have to receive a required permission from the other “LPR” members.