Ukrainian historian and political expert Vladimir Golovko sent his book "The occupation of the Crimea" to Russian President by mail. 

Vladimir Golovko also commented on his actions:

“Crimea was captured by the Russian military. Despite the obviousness of this fact for the world community, the Kremlin keeps saying that Russia could not but stand up for the Crimeans, who decided to join the Russian Federation in a referendum. In his new book, "The occupation of the Crimea," I give the arguments that refute the position of the Russian Federation. Today I sent a copy of the book to Vladimir Putin to provide him with an alternative source of information, in addition to the corrupt state-run media and the court chroniclers,” the historian posted on his Facebook page. 

According to the author, he specifically wrote his work in Russian "to avoid the language barrier for those who really want to understand the situation."

Official presentation of the book will take place in "Ukrinform" on November 8.

Photo: Internet