Individuals, who illegally hold key positions at the State Concern National Industrial and Agricultural Association Massandra, will bear criminal responsibility for destruction of the unique wine collection, press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine reports, citing Alexander Liev, as commenting on the decision of the occupation administration of the Massandra winery to sell 13,000 bottles of vintage wines.

“We’re warning the winery’s employees of criminal liability provided for illegal sale of national property of Ukraine, Massandra wine collection. We mean application of international sanctions, as well,” Liev stated.

He also warns the potential buyers of Massandra collection wines.

“We warn everyone who intends to participate in the sale. Such actions will be qualified in accordance with Ukrainian and international law. We believe that the reliable international and domestic collectors are aware of risk of being under international sanctions for illegal economic activities in the Russian-annexed Crimea. Ukraine, together with partners from the EU and the US, has ample opportunities to keep track of such auctions and generate the specified sanctions lists based on the results. I am sure that our warnings will significantly reduce the demand for stolen wines and will allow Ukraine to save a unique collection and honest collectors to keep up their reputation,” said Liev.