Invaders in Feodosia will entice Crimeans to go to the elections with Celebration Concert and performances of local ensembles.

On the day of the illegal presidential election in Russia, concerts will be held on the basis of polling stations in the city.

“On this day, creative teams of local cultural centers, schools, centers for out-of-school education, representatives of sports schools of the city will hold concerts and performances on the basis of their institutions where polling stations will be located, or on sites in front of these institutions,” the culture department of the occupied Feodosia reported.

On the day of the elections in Kerch, the invaders will hold a fair for the sale of agricultural products, which will work all day.

Crimean media reported that in the period from 16 to 18 March in the occupied peninsula more than 300 events are scheduled, some of which will take place in close proximity to the so-called polling. The number of polling stations established in Crimea reached 1.2 thousand.

Reportedly, many international organizations and politicians criticized the holding of presidential elections in Crimea. Nevertheless, according to the deputy head of the CEC of the Russian Federation, presidential elections will be held in the Crimea in "regular mode". The invaders appointed the date of the election on the day of the annexation of the Crimea - on March 18.

Earlier, Chubarov told that occupiers in Crimea will use different tools to ensure a high voter turnout during the presidential elections in Russia.

Source: Kriminform