Transfer of electrical grids to Russian jurisdiction has started in the occupied Sevastopol, the so-called local officials reported to Russian edition “Kommersant”.

According to the self-proclaimed Sevastopol “vice-governor” Vladimir Bazarov, they will be transferred to power company “Sevastopolenergo” LLC newly created by invaders. This will provide local “authorities” with an opportunity to receive state subsidies from Russia.

Furthermore, assets were transferred by “Energy Company “Sevastopolenergo”, registered in Kyiv region.

Bazarov noted that the issue was resolved “on the level of two private companies”.

“Kommersant” publication clarified that Sevastopol energy company had 3.2 billion of rubles revenue, and 120.3 million rubles profit in 2006. The media associates the company with the State Duma deputy Aleksandr Babakov and the President of the Russian CSKA football club Yevgeni Giner.

LLC registration in Russia is the first step of Russian power grid distributor “Rosseti” to enter Crimea, the sources of Russian journalists informed.

Reportedly, tariffs in Sevastopol are 16% lower than those in Russia. Integration of the occupied Crimea and Sevastopol into to RF wholesale energy market price zone would result in the increase of tariffs in the peninsula.

Notably, two years after the Russian annexation of Crimea, a State Duma deputy Mikhail Sheremet assured, that so-called Crimean government had completely and irrevocably abandoned Ukrainian electricity, and that they did not need it at all and had never relied on it, and had not included it to the general energy scheme of the peninsula lately.

PHOTO: Internet