The Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Italy is unaware of the Italian companies’ intentions to establish enterprises in the occupied Ukrainian territory of Crimea and Donbas, the Ukrainian Embassy in the Republic of Italy told QHA commenting information spread by the Russian occupation and Crimean media.

Yesterday, the Russian media reported that, as part of the visit of a group of Italian politicians and businessmen in the occupied Crimea, they allegedly discussed the plans to organize business there. Thus, the Russian news agency TASS reports that according to the Italian BRESCIA company, it is studying the possibility of creating a company for purification and desalination of sea water in Crimea.

It was reported earlier that a group of Italians visited the Russian-occupied Crimea on October 13-16. Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stood firmly against this and the Foreign Ministry of Italy called on its citizens to refrain from the visit.

From time to time, the Crimean pro-Kremlin media reports the intentions of certain foreign businessmen to start business in Crimea bypassing the sanctions and violating the Ukrainian legislation. However, the real facts are not yet known. Embassies of various countries mentioned by the Crimean officials usually claim they have no relevant information on any activities of their companies in the occupied Ukrainian territory. Recently, the occupation authorities of Crimea announced the intention of Japanese investors to work in the housing sector of the Crimea, but the Japanese Embassy told QHA news agency they did not have any information about such plans.

Photo: Internet