"Army of Islam" declared Russia an enemy and waged a war against it, reported The New York Times without revealing its source of information. According to the edition, Jaysh al-Islam declared war a few days ago, but the date is not specified. According to the report, the "Army of Islam" will deal with Russia on the entire territory in Syria.

The reason is Putin’s bolstering the forces of acting Syrian President Bashar Assad, opposed by the Islamists. Now they occupy positions outside the city of Damascus.

In May, the leader of the "Army of Islam" Sheikh Zahran Alloush said 17 thousand fighters are under his command. According to some media, the number of Islamists reaches 25 thousand people who have tanks and armored vehicles at their disposal. They push for establishment of Sharia law in Syria and are not members of the opposition coalition "Free Syrian Army", supported by the West.