President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov suggested using drones for executing terrorists. According to him, this does not even require putting them on trial.

“I suggest hanging captured terrorists from drones used for attacking IBLIS (ISIS) positions and dropping them down on their accomplices’ heads. That does not even require putting them on trial. I am positive it’s a duty of every patriotic-minded Russian to report any information that may lead to establishing identities of terrorists and their whereabouts!” writes Kadyrov in his Instargram account.

The President of Chechnya believes ‘they should be found and dealt with wherever their hideouts are – be it in the Sahara or Antarctica’. He went on to say that ‘the people should know when, where and how each of them has been eliminated’.

It was reported earlier that Rushan Abbyasov, Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Mufti Council, suggested removing the word ‘Islamic’ from the name of the Islamic State. According to Abbyasov, a more fitting name for the Islamic State would be ‘the Iblis State’. “‘Iblis’ stands for ‘Satan’ and from the religious standpoint what is going on now is the work of Satan,” said Abbyasov.