The US Foreign Minister John Kerry, speaking in a program on CNN, gave assessment to the recent developments in Syria and Russia's behavior in connection with the humanitarian problem.

The American politician said that Moscow is not able to influence its ally, Assad, to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrians properly. Despite all the appeals of the International community and the agreements concluded, the Assad regime continues to block the delivery of humanitarian aid.

“We call on Russia to stop this self-promotion and playing to the public, and to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid.”

According to Kerry, Russia is simply not able to guarantee the implementation of the ceasefire in the war-torn Syria.

“Let me say quite clearly: Russia signed an agreement, which implies the cessation of hostilities. Assad promised to fulfill it. Then he had to stop and allow the creation of a joint center, which would allow Russia and the US to coordinate actions to prevent such a terrible incident that we all recognize and regret,” said the Head of the diplomatic department.

Speaking about the incident, Kerry was referring to the attack of the International Coalition Forces against the military base of the Assad forces, which killed 62 soldiers and a hundred were injured.

40 trucks with humanitarian aid for Syrian civilians in Aleppo were seized at the Turkish-Syrian border for a safety check of cargo and drivers. The Assad regime has not given permission for the humanitarian convoys to cross the border.

Photo: Internet