(QHA) -

The Russian former oil-tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky has arrived in Switzerland after being granted a three-month visa last week.

It allows him to travel anywhere within the 26 European nations that have signed the Schengen open borders agreement.

But it is thought he may stay in the country to accompany his twin sons who are returning to school on Monday.

Khodorkovsky was pardoned last month after spending more than a decade in jail for fraud and other crimes – convictions some consider to be Kremlin inspired punishment for his political ambitions.

After travelling with him by train, Swiss SRF correspondent Peter Gysling said he thinks Khodorkovsky will support the new Russian civil society with his ideas and maybe also financially from abroad, but he will not act himself in politics in Russia.

Others believe Khodorkovsky will remain in Switzerland where he has strong business interests.